The Qualities of the Greatest DotNetNuke Hosting Provider

The qualities of the Very best DotNetNuke Hosting Providers

As DotNetNuke gains in popularity, the quantity of hosts that can assistance this framework has turn out to be astronomical. The field of choice is dizzying and one can simply get lost trying to choose the perfect host.

For several years now, I have been a DotNetNuke professional, I have heard all kinds of stories and come across all types of hosts, the super valuable, the DNN all being aware of gods, the low cost, the reliable, the down all the time, the there is a fee for that, etc… There are several various qualities a DotNetNuke user ought to appear for in a host and it is possible to locate a host that suits the needs of a DNN without having obtaining to commit an arm and leg.

What makes a excellent DotNetNuke Host_

Effectively let’s appear at the needs. DotNetNuke will only run on a Windows_IIS environment as it demands the ASP.NET framework. There are a number of hosts that offer you mixed Linux_Windows hosting even so a host that delivers both varieties of plans will typically have far more experience with Linux than Windows and the applications that run on it.

A much more focused Microsoft-only providing is as a result preferable. Businesses with established track records employing and deploying Microsoft technologies such as&nbspResellerChoice&nbspwill make certain overall performance, reliability and safety for DotNetNuke web sites.

Secondly, DNN calls for a SQL backend database. Most hosts will include at least one particular database in their plans, even so not all SQL hosting is developed equal. Hosts must provide at least SQL 2005 in their plans, the SQL servers should be dedicated and use properly chosen hardware for a database server.

A frequent misconception is that DNN requires large amounts of SQL disk space, I have run all types of DNNs, and unless I am storing large pictures, videos and other huge products in the database, its size will be minimal, usually beneath 100MB. The most typical reason for unusually huge databases is that the database has a setting called recovery model set to Complete. In most cases this setting is not required and altering it to straightforward will greatly minimize disk space usage.

The subsequent requirement is disk space and bandwidth. These needs should be estimated but they will fluctuate. Taking into consideration what type of DotNetNuke is being designed need to aid anticipate these resource wants. For example, a portal designed for a media organization may well need to publish high res images, video presentations, etc… hence the requirement for disk space and bandwidth would be significantly higher than for a easy informational DNN.

Fortunately most hosts let upgrades_downgrades of these sources. Plan flexibility is consequently important and a host must let disk space and bandwidth upgrades_downgrades as well as plan changes with out charging costs or forcing account moves.

Do I have to be concerned about assistance_ The straightforward answer is yes. Even though DNN is straightforward to use due to its modular structure and the truth that no programming abilities are needed to operate a single, a knowledgeable assistance employees is vital.

How can 1 figure out if the DotNetNuke hosting help staff is any excellent_

Get an account! No, the blurb on the Net Site indicating how excellent the support group is, isn’t proof. Most hosts these days provide income back guarantees, allowing customers to test the functions and support. A easy way to test support would to break a DNN installation (more on how to break a DNN later…). Even the ideal assistance division can’t have the answer to each problem that will arise with a DNN, however how they manage the problem, the tips supplied, how far they will go to support and how speedily need to be a sturdy indicator of what to count on in a production situation.

Hosts should also offer you nightly backups of all services provided as nicely a providing buyers a strategy to execute their personal backups, this is specifically critical with DNN as at times a easy modify can result in catastrophic final results and the only way to repair may be a restore of a backup.

In the end, items like uptime, further characteristics, functionality will usually differ based on how considerably the DotNetNuke Hosting strategy expenses. The worth you put on a DotNetNuke web site ought to correlate with the sum of cash spent for DNN Hosting.