ClipArt or Quality Pictures For Your WordPress Weblog_ Attempt These Alternatives

Adding an image to your weblog post or website web page can add a substantial impact to attracting visitors. Not only will the write-up be far more appealing but even Search Engines will index the image and serve it up in their Image Results when it matches the search phrases searched for. This will enhance your general search ranking for those specific key phrases. However, it is not usually easy to discover the right photos for your post. It is even much more challenging to discover the proper images, which are royalty-cost-free or which can be used freely for industrial purposes. Making use of images which are copyright protected or for which you do not have an appropriate license, may possibly lead you into some difficulty or possibly even a legal mess. This post helps you with sourcing some clipart and photos which you can use in your WordPress weblog or web site for free, even for industrial or company use.

Inventive Commons Search

Several webmasters have heard of Creative Commons and have noticed pictures tagged with it on Wikipedia. Nevertheless, extremely handful of people know that there is a huge library of such images, which are in the public domain and are free of charge to use in your internet site or blog. These photos are contributed by a selection of web sites and their users. The inventive commons web site enables you to search for inventive commons photos based on a keyword, across web sites which have such pictures on supply.

WikiMedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons is also related to the Inventive Commons Database. The welcome web page of Wikimedia Commons lists the most suitable explanation of what it truly is_

&quotWikimedia Commons is a media file repository generating available public domain and freely-licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips) to everyone, in their own language. It acts as a widespread repository for the various projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, but you do not require to belong to one particular of these projects to use media hosted here. The repository is created and maintained not by paid archivists, but by volunteers.&quot

Microsoft ClipArt and

An additional intriguing place to look at for your image requirements is Microsoft Workplace ClipArt in the Microsoft Workplace Program. As per the EULA of the Workplace System, you can use these photos in any document or for any operate as long as you are not distributing only the image. Microsoft also allows access to its massive database of high quality clipart and graphics at These photos are of higher resolution and some are even in vector format. You can download images and use them in your web site or weblog without having a hassle. The Terms also mention that you can use these images in any document, even if it is for industrial purposes.


As their website mentions, &quotMany Flickr customers have chosen to provide their function beneath a Creative Commons license, and you can browse or search via content below each type of license.&quot Flickr is a major source of image for the open source neighborhood and helps in advertising the unfettered exchange of information over the net. The WP Plugin referred to as Wp-Inject assists you in browsing for pictures on flickr and then adding them to your articles in a jiffy.


Pixabay’s description of themselves is pointed and really clear. No technical jargon or fancy words to let you know that they provide free of charge photos. Their internet site says &quotFinding free of charge photos of high quality is a tedious task – due to copyright troubles, attribution specifications, or simply the lack of quality. This inspired us to create Pixabay – a repository for beautiful public domain pictures. Your source for free of charge vectors, free of charge drawings and cost-free pictures. You can use any Pixabay image without having attribution in digital and printed form, even for industrial applications.&quot

To make factors simpler, there is also a WordPress plugin offered for Pixabay, which will allow you to directly search and add image from Pixabay without possessing to upload _ download or do a jig.


If you are nevertheless hungry for much more photos, why not attempt out OpenClipart. It also has the very same advantage as Pixabay i.e. there is a WordPress plugin offered which will let you to pull images into your blog post or page, directly from OpenClipart’s web site.

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